Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact?

Simply complete the online order form. This will give us a general sense of what kind of site you will need. If you are not sure about what you need, just send us an email. We will then contact you about any details. Then, we will ask you to send us any material that you have (such as business cards, letterhead, logos, photos, etc.) so that we will be able to determine the best look for your web site. We prefer to receive text in computer-ready format, either as a Word document or an email message. That will save us some time in incorporating it into your web site. If you have any pre-designed web pages or graphics to send us, they can usually be emailed as attachments.

Lastly, we will notify you when the first draft of your web site is ready. You will have an opportunity to view the site and provide us with feedback. That way, you can rest assured that your site will be just the way you want it before it goes live.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce usually refers to the process of selling products or services online. Typically, this involves a shopping cart system and credit card processing capability. Credit card processing can be obtained by opening a merchant account with a merchant service provider.


We also make banners - rectangular graphics that are used to advertise products or services on other web pages. Banners are displayed by popular high-traffic web sites like search engines. A link to the web site associated with the banner is accessed by clicking on the graphic with the mouse pointer. We design banners for high visibility and interest, and can even animate them to make them even more noticeable.

Why to have a Web Site?

The Internet serves as a powerful tool to attract customers, maintain their business, and strengthen the closing process. Your web site can showcase your best products and services, allowing your clients to view all your products and services from their own personal computers. Your customers no longer have to rush to get to your offices before you close, they can visit you online 24 hours a day 7 days a week to easily obtain the information they need.

Using the Internet is THE new and exciting way to generate sales of products and services. Because the customer can make a purchase from the convenience of the office or home, in an informative and entertaining way, Internet sales activity is only going to increase in popularity and importance. Take advantage of it now before your competition gets too much of an advantage.

If you're wondering if your competition is already on the Internet, just try doing a few key word searches at some of the popular search engines, like Yahoo! or Alta Vista. We think you will be amazed at the number of your competitors that already have a web presence. Don't let them get the edge on you!

Providing information to prospective and existing customers can be time-consuming and costly when performed by traditional marketing and communication methods. With an Internet web site, however, keeping your customers informed can be quick, easy and cost-effective. Updates or additional pages of information (as well as other features, like fill-in forms) can be incorporated into your site at any time.

Having an Internet web site not only provides information to your customers, it let's them know that you are keeping current with today's technology and business trends. It also means that you are taking measures to service your customers as best you can. Putting your new Internet web site address on business cards, letterhead, signs, announcements, advertisements, etc., will communicate to the world that you are progressive and service-minded. It can only serve to enhance your business image.

The Internet never closes. People are using the Internet at all times of the day to look up information, rates, directions, products and services, and everything else imaginable. If you have customers in other parts of the country or the world, or just down the street, having your own Internet web site can provide an easy and hassle-free way of staying in touch. Consider too that, when you're busy, or out of the office, or on vacation, or even sleeping, the “OPEN sign” can still be in the “window.”

Search Engines

A search engine is a program, built into a web site, that provides a way for users to locate other web sites. This is usually accomplished by typing keywords into a text box and then clicking on a “Search” button.

Keyword Coding

EasyStart will help the search engines find your business by coding keywords into your web site--for FREE! All you need to do is fill out the Form and, where indicated, type in 20 words that people would think to use to find your business.

Internet and business relationship

The Internet has revolutionized the way everyone does business. In today's business world, this means that having a web site is no longer an option or luxury. It has become the way business is conducted in today's Cyber age. You can effectively use the Internet as a marketing tool to maintain and strengthen current client relationships as well as pool referral sources for prospective clients. In all business scenarios the Internet is the easiest and most efficient way to reach your clients.

Domain name

In order to have a web site on the Internet, you need to register a domain name. A web site’s domain name is merely the address of operation, such as If you don't have a domain name, we can handle the domain name registration for you.

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